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Energy saving systems for your company: Good for you, good for the planet.

Energy is one of the most significant business expenses. Traditional fossil fuel sources increase in price periodically and will be less affordable in the future. AR-ENERGY partners with you to design and achieve your energy independence. Choose systems that use renewable sources and co-generation, reduce procurement costs and invest in the environmental image of your company.

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Experience the freedom of a self-sustainable home, start saving on your utility bills.

The future is green, just like the hope for a more sustainable world. Choose a photovoltaic system for your private residence. You can dramatically reduce CO2 emissions and cut your utility costs in half. Photovoltaics is the home energy solution of the future: it’s part of a new lifestyle that rewards self-sufficiency by feeding the energy you don’t consume back into the grid.

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Acrobatic electrical installers: more flexible, more efficient, more in-line with your needs.

AR-ENERGY is one of the few Italian companies offering the services of electricians specialized in building work requiring access via ropes. We have combined our passion for climbing with PETZL certification, a rope technician course that ensures our ability to work in a wide variety of vertical environments using specialized equipment.

The work of our acrobatic electricians takes place in total safety, ensuring the customer professional results in situations where working with aerial platforms or scaffolding isn’t an option.


Your best system starts with our partners.

Twenty years of experience in the renewable energy sector has allowed us to identify professionals in the field who deliver on the quality of their promises.

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