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AR ENERGY is your point of reference for the design and installation of renewable energy systems and photovoltaics.

We specialize in the fabrication of solar energy, solar thermal, wind and co-generation systems.
Our approach is pragmatic. Our goal is to make your system efficient and high-performing, so your home and business can begin saving money immediately.

We’re advanced electricians. Our experience in the field of renewable energy allows us to handle each and every aspect of your project: evaluation, feasibility study, design, installation, utility hookups, handling bureaucratic procedures, and routine and special maintenance checks.

AR-ENERGY is the partner you need for cutting your energy costs and limiting your environmental impact.

Our installations

AR-ENERGY takes care of every aspect of the design, fabrication and installation of our systems.

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We deliver turnkey solutions that are ready to work right out of the box to save you money. We take care of every aspect of the work through salaried professionals and guarantee work execution that does not require contact with other professionals.

Why choose AR-ENERGY?

  • More than twenty years of experience in the field of renewable energies
  • We select the best technologies in the marketplace from the most trustworthy partners
  • We guarantee direct contact with project managers – no intermediaries
  • We design and execute custom-made projects, tailored to your actual needs
  • We design and execute custom-made projects, tailored to your actual needs
  • We handle space optimization and the overall aesthetics of your system
  • We work only with salaried professionals who are directly accountable to us
  • We design systems that are compatible with industry 4.0
  • We provide assistance and timely maintenance through constant monitoring of the the system’s energy efficiency, even remotely.

AR-ENERGY and the environment, a commitment we take personally.

Our commitment to a more sustainable future also includes our corporate initiatives. We’re in the process of upgrading our vehicle fleet, which will soon be 100% electric. At our home offices, our new green warehouse building, built with recyclable and reclaimed materials, reduces our impact on the environment.

AR ENERGY was founded in 2014, the result of Alessandro Abbà's experience in the field of renewable energies.

Alessandro began his career after graduating as an electrical technician, working for companies specializing in photovoltaics at a time when energy saving technologies from renewable sources were just being recognized.

As such, Alessandro had the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the industry: how to identify the best suppliers, how to handle a project from start to finish, energy certifications, troubleshooting installation problems, and proper system maintenance.

Today, AR-ENERGY is a young, dynamic and fast-growing company which combines the passion for the most advanced technologies in the environmental sector with a concrete approach: an eye on the future and feet firmly planted on the ground, listening to the customer and designing tailor-made solutions.

Our team

Your best system begins with our partners.

Twenty years of experience in the renewable energy sector has allowed us to identify professionals in the field who deliver on the quality of their promises.
Our systems’ components come from the best suppliers in the world, and we, in turn, have become partners with top-tier companies in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of our installations.

Systems and Services

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