We go where others can only look.

Our passion for mountain climbing has translated into a new service that AR-ENERGY offers exclusively to all clients.

We are one of the few Italian companies to use a team of acrobatic electricians who are able to work autonomously in vertical environments that can’t be accessed by by scaffolding or aerial platforms.

Many companies offer acrobatic carpentry services, but have little specialization in electrical systems. Our operators are professional, PETZL-certified electrical installers with the ability to work on any electrical installation via rope access: bell towers, towers, rooftops, cranes, bridges, mountain retreats,
cleaning and maintenance of photovoltaic panels and shipyards, etc.

Why use our acrobatic electrician service?

  • Actual climbing experience
  • PETZL-certified professional electricians for rope work
  • Safety via a double-rope method
  • No installation of scaffolding and/or rental of aerial platforms
  • 100% sustainable work process
  • Speedy and efficient operations

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