Electric mobility, consumption always under control

AR-ENERGY is ready for the mobility of the future. We are certified Tesla installers and use products from Mennekes, a leading electric mobility company. We can also install stations for third parties.

We handle every aspect, from installation to connection to the electrical grid, integration with photovoltaic systems and paperwork for obtaining incentives.

Charging stations can be connected and managed remotely through special apps to control costs through the touch of a finger.

Establishments choosing to install charging stations enjoy significant advantages in terms of image by attracting electric vehicle owners and geolocation on apps dedicated to these services, thus increasing their visibility.


Why install a charging station?

  • When connected to photovoltaic systems, they promote independence from fossil fuels
  • Receive tax breaks and government incentives
  • Establishments can attract new customers who are electric vehicle owners
  • Can be installed without a permit for residential or commercial users
  • View your consumption and needs in real time using the energy control, monitoring and management app.
  • Incentives for the development of electric mobility for significant reductions in environmental pollution

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