Your sustainable and self-sufficient home

Home photovoltaics is the easiest way to start making your home self-sufficient. It’s tailored to fit your actual needs and allows you to cut your energy costs in half.

Produce your own energy, use it when you need it, avoid fossil fuel price hikes and live green while truly reducing your impact on the planet. The new generation of solar panels allows you to take advantage of all the sunlight, even on cloudy days.

Our residential installations

Why choose AR-ENERGY for your home?

  • A turnkey system – you don’t need to worry about anything
  • Tax benefits of up to 50% for installation
  • Use the energy you produce and enjoy energy independence
  • The excess energy produced goes back into the grid
  • A new generation photovoltaic panels with high photosensitivity to take advantage of low sunlight
  • Contribute to the green revolution and begin saving money

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