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Il fotovoltaico industriale è la miglior soluzione possibile per un reale risparmio sui consumi An industrial photovoltaic system is the best possible solution for significant savings on corporate energy consumption, which translate into concrete economic advantages in addition to tax breaks available for energy efficiency.

AR-ENERGY’s experience on industrial sites allows us to design highly-efficient systems
which drastically reduce the amount of energy taken from network and drive the company towards true energy self-sufficiency. A 20 Kw industrial system pays for itself in five years.

The use of renewable energies is a forward-thinking choice that provides economic benefits as well as a positive image, improving the company’s reputation and corporate social responsibility to the environment.

Our installations

How can AR-ENERGY help your company?

  • Turnkey system, you don’t need to worry about anything
  • We design the best energy solution for reducing your fixed costs with power levels ranging from 1Kw up to 50 GW
  • We take care of all certifications, paperwork and incentives
  • Control and monitoring: we remotely ensure that the system maintains its expected performance and the efficiency
  • After-sales service: we schedule both routine and special maintenance for the cleaning and proper upkeep of the system

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