Harness the full power of the sun, anytime.

Storage systems are batteries or accumulators that conserve the energy collected by the photovoltaic system during the day, making energy available even when it’s not being produced.

Storage systems are especially convenient for using electricity during the night to recharge your electric vehicle, for example.

The advantages of a storage system must be carefully evaluated on a case-by-case basis. They vary according to the need for energy storage, daily habits and the timing of machinery and appliance usage.

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Why use a storage system?

  • Store the energy you’re not immediately consuming
  • Energy is always available, even during the night
  • Optimize the auto-consumption of energy by doubling the efficiency of photovoltaics
  • Smart monitoring through remote control systems and energy management apps
  • Full awareness of your energy consumption, which can be adjusted for even more savings

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